Logic High software announcement: xHunt!


Do not get so caught up with the destinations in life that you miss the Journey.

xHunt leverages the iPhone’s unique GPS and Photo taking abilities to allow for the creation of self guided Treasure Hunt style adventures that anyone with an iPhone can participate in. As a new adventure begins you are sent a picture and a clue. If you can find your way to that location, and take a picture of yourself there, the website will verify your find and automatically send you the next picture in the hunt.

Ideal for everything from the very easy (A tour along a nature trail identifying various tree’s along the way) the insanely difficult (A tour to various starbucks, with the only clues being pictures of the parking lots) and even short duration or private quests (A hunt to various bars in town, ending at a friends house for further refreshment).

The software will allow for both the establishment of new photo adventures and the participation in them.

Planned for the July release of iPhone 2.0 software

6 thoughts on “Logic High software announcement: xHunt!”

  1. dude you want to make me puke this idea is so sick! so basically like a treasure hunt and you could throw it on a world size scale and maybe even add prizes or maybe state hunts with prizes. have you copy righted your idea? trademarked it?

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