Logic High Software Announces, Assassin Nation!

Assassin Nation

Somewhere in a dark cellar, a circle of hooded figures convenes to lay out the rules of a twisted game. They play for the rush, to prove they are the best, because in the end only one of them will survive. A servant walks around the room with small sealed envelopes, handing them out to those gathered. Inside each is a name, a target. At a bar somewhere, a young woman finishes reading the name of her target and puts the envelope into a back pocket. She doesn’t notice the unremarkable business man at the other end of the bar; who stealthily glances at a picture in the palm of his hand and smiles; she also failed to notice the slight taste of nutmeg in the tequila shot she ordered. The short man is just in time to catch her as she falls to the floor, “She’s had too much, I’ll take care of her”, the short man leaves an unremarkable tip, and on his way out the door reaches into the now dead woman’s pocket and pulls out an envelope.

One down.

The game begins by randomly assigning each participant someone to “Assassinate” this information gets sent directly to the iPhone, along with a “Dossier” to help identify the subject. Using the iPhone’s built in camera as a weapon, the players must take a photograph of their target in order to assassinate them. If you have been assassinated, you will get sent the picture that shows your doom, and you are eliminated from the game, and your target now becomes the target of the person who assassinated you.

Until one remains.

Scheduled for release after iHunt.

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