Golden Ticket

I met a girl in Prague the other day, and we had dinner, a bottle of wine and really interesting conversation.  The chemistry was good too, but it was just a night as I had to leave the next day.  It’s been my experience that the chemistry analogy is quite effective (as analogies go) in representing the compatibility of two people.  We all have our own unique properties, and can make a guess as to what they are, but since there is no real way to fully analyze our emotional makeup, there will always be a big unknown X factor.

We watch others around us mix, some mixing well, others separating after time, and still others exploding and burning violently.  We can take the knowledge gained from witnessed experiments and our own experiments in life and hopefully avoid getting burned too bad, but we’ve got no clue, even if the math doesn’t seem right sometimes the result is quite surprising.  With 6 billion+ (are we at 7 billion yet?) people out there (and thereby more then 3 billion possible chemical combinations depending on how you swing) there has to be hundreds of mixes that will lead to a positive result.

So I felt bittersweet saying goodbye to the girl in Prague, wondering if I was blindly walking past another match.  But what about the girl who winked at me in the restaurant, or the one I bumped into on the metro?  It certainly would be a lot easier if people just wore name tags identifying them as your soulmate.  Thinking about this I made myself chuckle in the Prague National museum, walking around with a little hand held tour guide.  Punch in a number and it will tell you about the exhibit you are looking at.  Found myself thinking how much easier if the cute girls at the museum had numbers.  “22:  She’s currently available, but has bipolar mood swings that start to show up at 2 weeks, and kicks like a mule when she sleeps, move on to next exhibit.”

I’ve decided that as long as I enjoy every person I meet, regardless of whether or not the chemicals match, it’ll be just fine.  It will be like looking for Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket; even if I don’t find the ticket at least there was a bar of chocolate inside 😉

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  1. hey man. its pablo – meetin – um, remember the purple teletubby dude? i like your sarcasm in your blog. you want to video tape a comedy sketch on what you wrote with a remote control/tags saying soulmate/not your soulmate? whats your job? germany? prague? man must be awesome. once back in hawaii email me.

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