I made a tool that should be useful to people who play GoWalla too much.  Currently, it has two functions:

  • GCD – Gowalla Compulsive Disorder – Gives you a score based on how many items you’ve collected and how cool (low number issue) they are.
  • Search Oahu – Searches ALL of Oahu and your friends inventories for items that you need in your collection and tells you where to find them.



3 thoughts on “PirateWalla”

  1. Love Piratewalla, use it all the time. Think I may have found a small bug though. I am missing the Ash Tom’s Shoes, but not the White ones, but the app keeps finding me White ones. Don’t know if it’s really finding the Ash ones and the message just says White, or if for some reason it doesn’t see that I already have the White ones, but I thought I’d let you know. Other than that it’s always been right on.

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