Will I be more content without content?

So a big part of my day is going through my Google Reader news feed and I have a handful of shows that I subscribe to on Hulu, plus movies that I watch on Netflix, feeds I read on facebook and twitter, the occasional bored streak Stumbling around the internet, subscriptions on youtube to check, and a host of other things I’m sure I’m not thinking of right now.  So I’ve decided, that starting Thursday morning and going for a week (through April 1st), I’m cutting myself off.  The Netflix will sit unopened, the Hulu and RSS feeds will just have to pile up.  Until the end of this month, I will cease to be a consumer of content, and will dedicate the extra time to producing and enjoying.

Retweet this if you’d like to join my fast.  But don’t expect me to read your tweet and respond 🙂

Kevin OUT!

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3 thoughts on “Will I be more content without content?”

  1. Kevin, you successfully collapsed Lent into 7 days. Even the good lord himself couldn’t divide 40 into 7. Bravo!

  2. Answer: Maybe.

    But I couldn’t hold out. I caught myself reading a book yesterday, and broke down to watch a movie with my sick girlfriend. Seems I can’t make it a whole week without content.

    I’d make a REALLY lousy catholic.

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