PirateWalla iPhone

Coming soon!

Arrr… For the truly compulsive GoWalla user.  This here application will perform an ever growing spiral search from your current location and will find any booty (items) you have not collected yet in all nearby locations.  Yarr.. and it can be fine tuned to even help you lower the issue numbers of your existing collected items.
Why would you want to do all of this?  Because you are compulsive.  And gotta have them all.
Why am I charging $5??

  1. This tool is incredibly effective at helping you find rare items.  Rare items that I might also need.  Rare items that other users of the application would just as soon hope that YOU never find.  By making it cost as much as a draft beer, I can assure that only the devoted pirates find the treasure.
  2. The Gowalla API be a shifty one.  Gowalla changes the way their backend works ALL THE TIME, and with NO WARNING.  I could do this application for free… but the upkeep would soon make it not worth the effort to update, and it would be a free broken application.  By charging a few bucks, I can make it worth my time to deal with the GoWalla headache.
  3. I’m a pirate.  Yarr.  Need dub-loons to buy rum.

6 thoughts on “PirateWalla iPhone”

  1. Marvelous Job, enjoy the application! I ran across your application on itunes and Ill be putting it on my site as soon as I add my next updates. Hopefully you could get a few downloads from it.

  2. Hasn’t worked in a while. It wouldn’t take in any new items I’d gained when it’s “Counting Booty” so they kept coming back up in the results. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it just ends the “Counting Booty” job at 0 and finds every single item. Probably a change on Gowalla’s end, but it would be awesome if you could fix it so we could keep using this app to find missing Items. Thanks!

  3. Is there a support contact for PirateWalla? There does not seem to be much in the way of instructions or support within the app.

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