iOS Security vulnerability allows keycapture and screengrabs without users knowledge

It is possible to do screen captures of foreground applications while your application is in the background, without the user notified. These can be strung together to create video, or analyzed to identify keyboard presses (key capture). The functionality to do this is present in the app store application “Display Recorder” but could be hidden in ANY application. Pretty concerning.

Display recorder was a tool that was made by Ryan Pietrich ( to allow the user to easily record iPhone activity, useful for demonstration videos, sharing bugs, etc.  It relied on a public, but later private API that allows applications to capture the contents of the screen.

Recently, another developer has taken Ryan’s idea (and marketing) and released a version (unrelated to Ryan) and remarkably, the Apple review team allowed it in to the store.  Might be a good idea to download it, if you have legit uses for an application like this, however it does feel a little greasy giving $2 to whoever posted it originally.. (which as best as I can tell a Vietamese company named Bugun Soft, with an otherwise unremarkable track record)

But that’s not what I’m really writing about.  Because the ability to take snapshots (and video) from an application in the background, without the users knowledge or consent (Note: Display recorder is controlled by the user, but there is no Apple based controls that require that level), is a major security problem.  Users passwords, email, and other private information can be put at risk.  Either because a developer could sneak this functionality into their product, and surreptitiously send data to a remote server, or someone with brief access to your phone could install the application on your device, start the recording, and later retrieve it.  Here is a sample video I took with Display Recorder, two things to note:

  • Display Recorder is nice enough to stick up a red band at the top to inform you that the recording is taking place (this is due to the microphone recording part, which isn’t needed for screen grabbing)
  • However, when an audio source is tried to be used (like when I try to play a voicemail), the band goes away, and the video recording continues
  • Notice how keyboard presses are highlighted, allowing you to see what is typed

I hope that Apple finds a way to deal with this such that the security risk is eliminated, and we can still have the kind of utility and function that is desired in the first place (screen recordings are incredibly useful).

Here is an example of how this could be used:

  1. Create an application or use an existing application as your base that does something harmless (basically a trojan)
  2. Whenever the application is launched and put into background, for the next 10 minutes, capture screenshots (using legitimate or Private API, as it seems that reviewers don’t always catch the usage)
  3. Upload those videos / captures / etc to whatever server you like
  4. Enjoy reading users e-mail and looking at their passwords.
  5. As an added bonus, they could analyze the video for specific icons from keyboard presses, and parse out the actual passwords for uploading (to reduce the upload footprint).

This represents a major security threat that could be present in ANY application, not just Display Recorder, however display recorder is just the first that makes it obvious what can be done.

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