Agario Portal — Now in Apple Store

agario_3 is a fun, multiplayer, online game which you can play at

It has some mobile functionality, but for playing on the iPhone or iPad there are few glaring issues:

  1. To control, you must tap in the direction you want to go; this behavior is laggy and overall unplayable
  2. There is a button to split, however there is no button to eject mass, an important behavior for playing the game
  3. There is no ability to bring up the menu and change options
  4. On the iPhone, the main menu is hard to use because it’s sizing seems to be “not quite right” making it impossible in some resolutions to set your name.

There are also other “” style games in the App store, but none of them have the full features, multiplayer aspects, or mechanics that we love about the real deal.

To solve these things, I wrote Agario Portal – Currently available in the App Store which solves these problems – a custom “browser” for playing with a few benefits:

  • A joystick for better control
  • Buttons for both split and eject mass
  • Button to bring up main menu
  • Better format for main menu allowing user to see the whole thing.


iPad Screenshot

iPhone Screenshot

3 thoughts on “Agario Portal — Now in Apple Store”

  1. Update 2 – Per new rules on /r/Agario — Pulled any references or links to Agario Portal (They’ve had a lot of people advertising Ad Blockers, and so are blocking any links to websites that “embed”

    Also, 1.0.3 has been approved for pre-release by Apple, and so far so good. Hopefully the App will be approved for regular release soon, I plan on releasing it for free, and might put in some way to “bribe” me to do specific feature requests (likely javascript add-ons, never ad blocking) How much effort will depend on how quickly an official client is released and whether or not I can still add functionality over the plain jane release.

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