PirateWalla Beta Testing

Hi, my name is Kevin, creator of PirateWalla and I’m a Walla addict.

I’d kicked the habit by deleting WallaBee from my phone and trying to get back to my regular life, and had been clean for more than a year.  Then someone sent me an email asking for a couple of TD items that I had, as their wife was collecting the set, and I thought, “Sure, no problem, I’ll just get in and out real quick, and delete the app once more”.

As such, I’d like to announce that I’ve rebuilt PirateWalla a fine tool for searching and completing the sets in WallaBee from the ground up using swift and it is now open for beta.

Sign up here

Current features are a short set, designed to help find missing items and improve existing ones quickly as possible, but more will surely be coming soon as I catch up on all the easy to find items 🙂

  • Find nearby missing items (including missing Unique items)
  • Find nearby improved items
  • Quick jump – Items you are missing are shown in the same row as the place you need to go to pick them up, and tapping the row jumps you right to the place page in WallaBee!

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