Build 2

New Features:

  • Market Search – Searches all markets for missing / improved items
  • Market Max – Set a max price you are willing to spend on any market item
  • Helicarrier Search – Searches the helicarrier for missing / improved items
  • Improvement Min – Lets you set a minimum improvement threshold for the improvements section

Known Issues:

  • Initial market search takes a LONG time (additional searches are much faster) – Improving this mechanism with better shared caching
  • Unique / Branded items sets are goofy in the market search – Will fix this with next beta build
  • When there are lots of item in the row they get too squished – Workaround, flip to landscape or use iPad — This is a real pain as I want to make all that information visible.. might end up limiting the amount of squish that can be done.
  • Grayed rows should be more clear that the issue is the user is too far away
  • Tapping on Helicarrier rows / Market Rows don’t jump you right to the screen you need to be on — Limitation of the API — I’m requesting an update

Feature Requests (these won’t come in this version but I’ve got it on the boiler):

  • Pouch / User / Locked item searching
  • Automatic searching and background notifications when items are discovered as you move!
  • Item mixes for missing items (both in your pouch and ingredient pickup)
  • TD and DD searching
  • Favorite Number setting – Only show improvements if you don’t already have your favorite number, highlight any favorites found nearby or in pouches

Click here if you’d like to be a beta tester.

Email me if you are a tester and have found any undiscovered bug or would like to request a non-listed feature.

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